Faculty Play: Good Cop, Bad Cop


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The Chief has assigned her two top detectives an urgent mission—find out who has been switching the street signs…or else lose their badges. Who’s the good cop? Bad cop? They use their routine as they try to extract information and find the culprit. Could it have been the typical trouble-making teenager? The hair-twisting valley girl? The tough biker chick? The want-to-be escape artist? The Eagle Mascot? Grandma?….A BABY??? How about Mario, the plumber, (who emphatically states he does not want to be paid in mushrooms) with his brother Luigi? A far-out, way-cool drama teacher? Or, is it someone no one would ever suspect?



Senior Superlatives

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Not pictured at this time:

Most Memorable: Hunter Harrington and Ally Ferguson

Most School Spirit: Jessica Matheny and Daimeo Springer

Senior Night

Family and friends entered the auditorium to find a substantial number representing the dollar amount of scholarships at this time awarded to the Class of 2016! Yes, that is one million five hundred forty-nine thousand and fifty- eight dollars! Hunter Harrington proudly celebrates 12 YEARS of perfect attendance! Twelve years = 2,160 days of school! The top left and middle pictures represent departmental awards while the lower right is the Class of 2016’s Top Ten.

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