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Tomb Raider Movie Review

By Madison Lilly

On March 16, 2018, the Tomb Raider movie was released in theaters all around the world. Tomb Raider is a video game first released on October 25th in 1996. The main character, Lara Croft, is a young adventurous archaeologist following in her late father’s footsteps to discover the lost and forbidden secrets hidden in the world. Of course, this is not the first Tomb Raider movie, two other movies were made in the early 2000’s, but the 2018 version follows the reboot of the game released in 2013, although sadly, in many fans’ eyes, the reboot failed to capture the video game’s prestige. To many long time Tomb Raider fans, actress Alicia Vikander was the perfect choice for Lara Croft, and many fans still believe she is, even with the flaws of the movie. Some felt the movie focused too much on the beginning of Lara herself and less on her struggle to become the tomb raider. Her legendary quests, her family’s honor,  and her will to fight and survive at any cost, is what, to many fans, makes Lara such an interesting character.

Reviews by Rotten Tomatoes, Empire Online, Meta Critic and numerous other review sites believe the movie completely ignored the development and drive of Lara Croft as one reviewer on IMDB stated, “It’s a good movie, but it’s not quite Tomb Raider. They cut many essential characters to Lara’s journey and even changed somethings about Lara herself. I believe Alicia is an amazing actress and could even bring a generation of Tomb Raider films, but I felt the story just lacked the emotional investment it so desperately needed. I suggest going and seeing the movie, it’s definitely worth the time, but just as I said before: It’s not quite Tomb Raider.” Finally, of course the movie has it flaws and fans will definitely notice it, but truly overall, the movie is an opening to a much larger story. One reviewer  from Empire Online believes it to be “a seed to a much larger tree to grow in the future.”  The movie interweaves a tale of adventure, friendship, thrilling action, and jaw dropping moments that makes the movie worth the watch.