The Girls’ Soccer Team Keeps Their Momentum!

Last week, the girls’ soccer team played two games with in-county rival Hickman County.

On Tuesday 11th, the team played the first time of the week. This home game was satisfying for the Eagles;  the ladies won 4-3. The first scores came very fast but only for the Eagles. East Hickman kept possession of the ball for the majority of the first half. However, during the second half Hickman County scored 3 goals in the beginning. Nevertheless, Eagle’s goalie, Brienna Mobley, did very well for the second half. Julie Mathis assisted in the victory with her 4 goals.

East Hickman ladies played another game against Hickman on the 13th. This game was rather different than the first one with the score being 1-1. The first and last goal came quickly. The Eagles scored during the first 2 minutes, but then the remainder of the first half was unproductive for the Eagles. However, the Eagles kept possession of the ball for the majority of the game.

In fact, all the Lady Eagles are doing very well in this season. They have both good offense and defense. For all interested,  the ladies are playing Thursday the 20th, the next home game. The Eagles will match up again with McEwen after a 5-1 win on Monday, 17th

Everyone come out and support your Eagles!

Home Season Opener


August 31, East Hickman High suffered an unfortunate defeat at the first home game of the season where the Eagles played against the Scotts Hill Lions. The Eagles came out onto the field strong and got points on the scoreboard first. The Lions quickly recouped those points. Starting the 2nd quarter, the score remained at 6-13, Lions leading. While not being the most eventful quarter, all players worked their hardest.


Entering halftime, the East Hickman Marching Eagles played “An Incredible Show.” They displayed their hard work and dedication as they entertained the crowd with the following pieces: “The Glory Days,” “Life’s Incredible again,” and “Saving Metroville”.

Starting the third quarter with cheerleader chants and audience encouragement, the East Eagles gave it their all; sadly, no touchdowns were made this time around. The final score was 6-20.



Eagles Shake Off Two Losses for the Home Opener against the Scotts Hill Lions

By: Noah Buttrey

East Hickman vs Grundy County

    The East Hickman Eagles traveled to Grundy county on August 17, 2018 for their season opening game. The game remained close until losing momentum late in the fourth quarter as their last drive got close to the goal line but never crossed it. Running back, the Eagles did not have a strong first half with a 0-7  score heading into halftime; however, they seemed revitalized after half. They forced turnovers many times in the first and second half. The offensive line caused a seam up the middle and Alex Garcia went straight through it and ran for a long touchdown run—that got the Eagles back in the game. The defense caused a fumble by stripping the ball and Kagan Patton fell on it for the turnover. The Eagles took to a mixed pass run attack. One of the bigger plays on the second offensive drive was a screen pass from quarterback, Tre Flottman, to Wing, Jayvon Canty for a vital first down that kept the chains moving. On the goal line, Tre Flottman ran the ball in for the tying touchdown. The defense couldn’t seem to make a stop and Grundy County ran the ball in for a touchdown while making the extra point kick to be up by seven points. They tried a squib kick that was recovered by the front line. It was the Eagles’ ball around midfield with momentum on their side. The drove down the field but then stalled around the 30 yard line.

Eagles vs Martin Westview

The second quarter proved to be hard for the Eagles with Westview scoring 21 points in a span of 5 minutes.  The defense struggled to stop the running game. Z Taylor ran a kickoff to the house, but it was called back due to a holding penalty. Running back, Alex Garcia, and wing, Jayvon Canty, went down due to injuries. Blake Lundy ran the ball better than he has all season, breaking tackles and running through holes, sometimes making his own. While a loss left the Eagles disappointed, they found out what they could improve on and will plan for week three.

Eagles vs Scotts Hill

With a 0-2 start, the Eagles plan to come back strong for a win against Scotts Hill. It is their home opener of the 2018-2019 season. They will practice as hard as they can, clean up mistakes, and come out of week three with a win. It is also their first division game which determines playoff contention. They guarantee full effort for the entire 48 minutes and press for the win.

A Final Look Back for the Class of 2018

It’s at this time of year when the finality of a chapter closed will dawn on the Class of 2018. Sure you have your diploma and the cap and gown are who knows where, but it’s now…at the beginning of a new school year when it really hits you that I am never going to go back. You might already be at college sweating through a sports practice or two, or you might be waiting for that move-in date. Maybe you are already working in the “real- world” or working for Uncle Sam in the military. Wherever you are, a twinge happens this time of year, a restlessness, a feeling of relief followed by some wistfulness, and maybe even a little apprehension because a routine that was so certain is now followed by one with new experiences and uncertainty. Never be afraid to take the next step. Smile. Think twice and do the right thing. Soar.

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EHHS’ Science Club Takes First in the Regional Envirothon Competition

On Wednesday, April 18, EHHS sent two teams to compete in the regional envirothon competition, which took place in Lewis County this year. The competition consists of five 20 minute tests: Aquatics, Forestry, Wildlife, Soils, and Current Issue (Rangelands). Once the teams complete the competition, the tests are scored and posted on a whiteboard. The team that takes first place continues on to the state envirothon competition. After state, the top team heads to nationals, which is held in Idaho this year.

Mrs. McCaleb’s Envirothon team consists of Tate Kinney, Gracie Haynes, Devlin Sheppler, Delanie Livengood, and Andre Walker with alternatives Gracie Delaney and Lexie Larkins. Mr. Flowers’ team included FFA members Lane Cole and Ethan Pendergrass. His team selected the name Flying by the Seat of Our Pants for the competition. Mrs. McCaleb’s team decided to identify as the Sweet Gum Mafia for their repeated mistake of misidentifying the Sweet Gum tree on the Forestry test in previous years. On the way to the competition, Mrs. McCaleb even stopped, when she spotted a Sweet Gum, to remind the team of what the tree looks like.

After the competition, all the teams received meals from Subway. At the conclusion of lunch, the teams were presented with awards, earning each member of the top three teams a medal and a plaque for the top team. Third place was given to Hickman County with a collective score of 276 points. Placing second was Collinwood for a total of 302 points. Mrs. McCaleb’s team placed first with 394 points. The Sweet Gum Mafia was the top performing team in all five of the categories, scoring a 63 in Soils, 70 in Aquatics, 88 in Current Issue, 88 in Wildlife, and 83 in Forestry. This was the fifth year that an EHHS team has placed first in envirothon regionals.

After attaining first in regionals, Mrs. McCaleb rewarded the hard work of her team with ice creams from Sonic. The Hickman County Times acknowledged the accomplishments of EHHS’ Science Club in a short article.

The Sweet Gum Mafia team continued on to the state competition which took place on Tuesday and Wednesday, May 8 and 9.

Envirothon 2018- 2
From left to right- Team sponsor, Leanna McCaleb, Gracie Delaney, Andre Walker, Devlin Sheppler, Tate Kinney, Gracie Hanes, Delanie Livengood, and Lexie Larkins


2018 Columbia State Competition

   March 23, 2018, East Hickman High students traveled to Columbia State to participate in the annual high school competition. The competition includes multiple categories such as Psychology, Mass Communication, Poetry Writing, Vocal Music, Oral Interpretation and more. This year East Hickman had four students who placed in the competition: Randy Meadows won 3rd place in Creative Writing, Jacob Hudson won 3rd in U.S. History, Paige King won 3rd in Algebra II and Jacqueline Licona won 1st place in Advance Spanish translation. East Hickman High is proud of all students who competed and represented East Hickman.  Participation in this event,  coordinated by Mr. Angell, has always resulted in medals for East Hickman High School.  EHHS looks forward to the next competition in 2019!

Left to right: Jacqueline Licona (1st- Advanced Spanish), Randy Meadows (3rd- Creative Writing), Jacob Hudson (3rd U.S. History), Paige King 3rd- (Algebra 2)


Paige King’s Record-Breaking Throw

Paige King breaks the girls’ school record for the discus throw. In this track and field event, the athlete positions themselves inside an 8.25 foot circle and throws a disc, aiming to hurl the disc farther than their competitors or their own personal goals. Female throwers handle a disc that measures 7 inches in diameter and weighs 2.2 pounds.

Preparing mentally and physically for this sport, Paige must work on her strength by working out and her mentality by perfecting her form and technique for throwing the disc. Track and Field Coach Matney explains the complexity of preparing for the discus throw: “There are so many little things that have to be done correctly in order for a maximum distance to be achieved. Focusing on them all correctly is very mentally challenging.”

With all her preparation and guidance from her coach, Paige managed to out throw Abby Livengood’s previous school record of 75 feet and 6 inches by throwing a total of 96 feet and 3 inches. Although she has already surpassed the school’s record, Paige hopes to exceed her record-setting throw, intending to throw over 100 feet before the season comes to an end.Paige King Track 2018

Photo courtesy of Lori King